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Price ¥212,000+tax

Category 1  ¥212,000+tax
Category 2  ¥253,000+tax
Category 3  ¥281,000+tax
Category 4  ¥339,000+tax
Category 5 ¥468,000+tax

Category 1 /Barnum Bouclé
Category 2 /
Gabriel Fame Kvadrat Re-Wool
Category 3 /Kvadrat Hallingdal,Kvadrat Steelcut,Trio,Fiord,Moss,Zero,Safire,Breeze,Fusion,Savoy
Category 4/Baru
Category 5 /Sørensen Dunes,Sørensen Spectrum/Noir

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material: A plywood structure with elastic belts & foam.

size: w1100 d1100 h700 sh470
upholstery: Barnum Bouclé 03 (other/category1-4)
Designer: Kristian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hyldahl
Made in Italy




Introducing Studio, the newest sofa landscape in the NORR11 collection - a tribute to a timeless era of the 70s and its expressive aesthetics. Featuring a versatile but simple system of modules, appearing in limitless options to form numerous settings, shapes and styles to adhere to all types of environments. Whether for a small living setting or spacious public site.

Studio is defined by its bold fluted upholstery characteristics inspired by late 70s sofa styles, refined in
a contemporary way - giving the series a unique identity. Each module of Studio articulates soft and welcoming lines ideally suited for living, socialising and relaxing where one can feel totally at ease. The armrest cushion is loose and can be moved and repositioned across the series, balancing the fluted upholstery.


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